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Selling Igloos to Eskimos

Someone once described me as being able to “sell igloos to Eskimos.”

I took it as a wonderful compliment about being persuasive, but lately I’ve reconsidered.

Why would you want to sell an igloo to an Eskimo in the first place? More than likely, they already have one … I mean … they’re an Eskimo.

The better solution is to ask what they need and find a way to get that for them.

How often do we spend too much of life trying to get more of what we already have or to convince folks they need something they don’t?

Here are five key steps to getting what you want:

1. Decide what you really need and want.

2. (I’ll tell you up front that few people do take this step.) Reach out to someone who has been successful doing or having what you want. You might do it in person, or by watching (video/YouTube) or reading about them.

3. Create a plan to get there.

4. Get off your a** and take the first step.

5. Keep taking steps.


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