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I Didn't Sign On For This!™
Dealing With Constant Change In the Workplace and In Life

Change is not going to slow down; if anything, it is going to speed up. Learn strategies to make these changes easier to handle.

Will it ever stop?! 

The last few years have been a grind of constant change; before you can assimilate one change another comes along. The phenomenon has long been known as “Repetitive Change Syndrome" (RCS).

Moving through constant change, and especially leading in times of change, can be extremely stressful.


In this seminar, you will learn: 


  • How to recognize the ways change impacts you and your organization.

  • Why we resist change and how to lower resistance.

  • How to more easily embrace and work within the change.

  • How simple rituals can help you move through change.

  • How to use practical time and management strategies to better deal with the stress of change.

  • How to move on to the new reality.

  • How to prepare for future change.

Change is not going to slow down; if anything, it is going to speed up. Accepting and addressing change is not complicated, it is just different.


If you want to find out how to make these changes simpler and easier for you, you need I Didn’t Sign On For This!

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