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Homeroom for Life

I visited with a good friend yesterday who said we should all have a homeroom as we get older. You remember the first period of the day in high school?

My friend said it started the day off on a positive note. She said, “So many of the great friends and good memories I have were created in homeroom.”

It’s not a bad idea.

Granted, not everyone saw homeroom the same way. But, think about what homeroom had the potential to do:

> Moved your focus away from getting up and into what you needed to do to accomplish something in school.

> Got you focused on the day’s work.

> Let you interact with others which, again, gets you ready for the day’s challenges.

> Raised your energy level.

> Introduced you to new ideas.

> Sent you out the homeroom door poised for accomplishment.

Again, you may not have seen homeroom the same way. I have a friend who consistently blew off homeroom and went to the parking lot to smoke a doobie and drink a beer. Which, come to think of it, might have done all the things, for him, I listed above.

Do you have a ritual that acts as a homeroom for you? Something more than drinking a cup of coffee, skimming the paper, and catching part of Good Morning America (or listening to a political rant)?

Are you starting your day in a way that prepares you for success, or are you doing the same-ol’, same-ol’?


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