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3 Ice Cubes

The other day, I scored some points by getting a friend some orchids. She loved them and she especially liked how easy they are to care for.


Here’s the cool thing—and I’m using “cool” for a specific reason—the brand of orchids was Just Add Ice. Check’em out at, a pretty cool (there I go again) site.


The orchids came in a small planter and you simply add 3 ice cubes each week, the equivalent of a 1/4 cup of water, to keep them—well, watered.


The company name and instructions prompted a question: What are your 3 ice cubes? What are the 3 things that if you get them each day you’re—here we go again—watered, you’re good/satisfied/ok/had a successful day?


Here’s an example. My business is The Perfect Workday Company and one of the most popular seminars/webinars is The Perfect Workday. In the program, I point out that our days are made up of 3 components: Time, People, and Stuff.


So, having a perfect workday means you have a good handle on your Time, your communications and connections with other People are clear and positive, and you’re organized enough to be able to find the Stuff you need when you need it. Those are my 3 ice cubes.


And yes, I always add that you need to have a little Fun each day to put some icing on the cake (I know I’m mixing metaphors here, but stay with me).


The great thing about this method is you can use it to guide your planning for a day and, at the end of the day, judge how well your recipe (dang, there we go with the metaphors again!) worked.


Depending on how your days are going, you might try the Time/People/Stuff strategy … and don’t forget to add a little Fun.


So, what are your 3 ice cubes?


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