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Digging Out from Under

We all run into times when we feel like the manure truck has backed up into our lives. How do we dig out?

We can get to a point at which we believe, “I’ve had enough. I just can’t take any more.”

Here’s a thought to ponder: Emotional energy is an exhaustible resource … but it is renewable.

New research in neuroscience shows that if you can plan for and experience small, positive experiences in your day … something as simple as taking a walking and spending a moment focusing on something beautiful, fun, or amazing … the experience helps pull you out of the doldrums, and increases your energy.

And, if you can string a number of the simple, positive experiences together, the downward spiral slows down and begins to reverse its direction.

You don’t suddenly start laughing and skipping down the street in joy, but the slowing of the downward, depressive cycle helps you more realistically assess and live life.

Try it. Look around right now and find one thing that is positive in your life … no matter how small and simple … one thing.

Now, look for another.


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