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Sometimes Ya Just Gotta Know

This cool trivia from futurist Watts Wacker: “It is believed that Shakespeare was 46 around the time that the King James Version of the Bible was written. In Psalms 46, the 46th word from the first word is shake and the 46th word from the last word is spear.”

If you look long enough, you can see all kinds of coincidences in life.

The scary part, and what we see in every area of society, is when people interpret coincidences as the word of God or the law or some force that shouldn’t be questioned.

And, if the interpretation is believed long enough, it’s assumed — and if it’s assumed, sooner or later it will be wrong. (Of course, that’s an assumption on my part, but it seems to be borne out by life.)

What we CAN do is call “BS!” if we see or hear it and ask for proof.

Granted, we can’t check the facts on every little thing in life. If we tried, we’d never have time to go to Krispy Kreme or take a shower, the really important stuff.

But, sometimes ya just gotta know … soooooo, I checked both of my Bibles and realized that mine are New International Version instead of the King James Version. In my Bibles, the word quake (which is pretty close to shake) is the 41st word after the first and spear is the 45th word before the last.

Well, how ‘bout that?

Sometimes ya just gotta know.


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