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Livin’ the Two-Ply Life

(If you are easily-offended, you may want to pass on today’s message and wait for tomorrow.)

I’m a two-ply guy.

I learned a long time ago that, for a variety of reasons, it’s better for me to buy two-ply bathroom tissue.

When I was young, carefree, and broke (as opposed to now when I’m older, burdened, and broke), I chose the cheapest brands to save a little money and they usually were one-ply. But, I realized that I used twice as much.

And, when I went to the homes of friends, especially those who were married to women with senses of style and comfort, they always had two-ply. When I stayed in better hotels, I’d steal the extra roll of two-ply so I could enjoy it for a week or so.

The turning point was when I stopped and compared the prices. For only a couple of dollars more, I could enjoy the comfort of two-ply and it gave me a sense of living a … mmm … better life.

The investment has been more than worth it.

Look around in your life and ask yourself this question: “Where am I skimping, scraping, and trying to save pennies that, if I invested just a little more, would raise my standard of living, give me a more positive feeling about myself, and add more fun?”

I’m tellin’ ya, livin’ the two-ply life is worth it.


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